Consider the most dense, heavy mass where all known matter is heated and compressed into the smallest conceivable unit. This place, this thing, is the origin of history, life, our ideas. It is an overwhelming, often frightening concept that is ultramodern in nature. The first beings of intelligent thought pondered their purpose, their mortality in respect to the heavens above them. They created complex artifacts, monuments, and ideologies to explain the inexplicable to following generations.

The current condition of our world presents a further complex and confusing array of theories to choose from. Advances in science and technology have allowed us to see into worlds beyond our own, allowing reason to oust many sacred beliefs. Conjecture to human evolution, dark matter, and the fate of the universe greatly influence these works. Similar to Egyptian art of antiquity, the works are presented as monuments to the forces responsible for what we experience, created by an anonymous sect.

The goal of the artworks presented is to offer the viewer a non-objective, unbiased interpretation to our relationship with the expanding, ever-evolving universe. While familiar symbols or imagery may be implemented, its function denotes the interest of cult activity that includes profound scientific research in its philosophy.